Mount Rainier National Park

Pacific Northwest, United States

Mount Rainier National Park feels worlds away from downtown Seattle, even though the park is a mere two hours from the city by car.  During the summer, wildflowers proliferate and dowse the park’s iconic meadows in brilliant shades of lavender, yellow, and orange – I visited in August and was fortunate enough to catch the flowers at their peak.  Despite the warm temperatures – eighty-one degrees on the day I visited – Mount Rainier is covered in snow year-round.

All of the photos in this gallery were taken from trails originating at the Sunrise Point Visitor Center, the highest vehicle-accessible point in the park.



Mt. Rainier 034Mt. Rainier 050Mt. Rainier 074Mt. Rainier 153Mt. Rainier 144Mt. Rainier 099Mt. Rainier 140Mt. Rainier 068Mt. Rainier 172Mt. Rainier 030Mt. Rainier 101Mt. Rainier 125Mt. Rainier 055Mt. Rainier 134

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