San Francisco

United States, West

In San Francisco, a vibrant and colorful downtown thrives within walking distance of rocky cliffs and white-capped waves.  This stunning contrast is why San Francisco is easily my favorite American city – and also why it’s one of my favorite metropolises in the world.  The city is doused in color, from the sparkling blue water to the pastel-hued homes to the iconic red of the Golden Gate, and I love photographing all of it.

This photo gallery features San Francisco at its most brilliant, and includes some of my favorite spots in the city: Sutro Baths, the Marina District, Chinatown, Lyon Street Steps, and the Presidio.


SAN FRAN DAY 1 032SF DAY 3 013SAN FRAN DAY 2 012SAN FRAN DAY 1 094SF DAY 4 049CA FINAL 061SAN FRAN DAY 1 034SAN FRAN DAY 1 019SAN FRAN DAY 2 007SF DAY 3 030SF DAY 4 008SF DAY 4 043CA FINAL 032SAN FRAN DAY 2 021SAN FRAN DAY 2 033SAN FRAN DAY 1 090SAN FRAN DAY 2 034SF DAY 3 026SF DAY 3 077SAN FRAN DAY 2 036CA FINAL 081SF DAY 3 067SAN FRAN DAY 2 022Muir Woods and Golden 084

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