Europe, Scandinavia

For me, Iceland is synonymous is waterfalls – even visitors who do not stray far from the Reykjavik area will see countless waterfalls, as they litter the harsh but spectacular landscape.  Thanks to increasingly inexpensive flight options, Iceland is now more accessible than ever and is something of an amusement park for outdoorsy people like myself.  This gallery features a number of my favorite locations in the Reykjavik area: Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Kerid Crater, downtown Reykjavik, and the crashed DC-3 plane along Iceland’s southern coast.

Iceland Day One 101Iceland Day One 005Iceland Day 2 053Iceland Day 2 020Iceland Day One 062Iceland Day One 097Iceland Day One 076Iceland Day One 018Iceland Day 2 045Iceland Day 2 064Iceland Day One 085Iceland Day One 105Iceland Day One 040Iceland Day 2 038

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