Stockholm, Sweden

Europe, Scandinavia

Occasionally referred to as the “Venice of the North,” Stockholm, Sweden is a charming Scandinavian city with saffron-hued streets situated on fourteen separate islands.  The small, historic city center is easy to navigate on foot and filled with scenic vistas, distinctively northern European architecture, and waterfront panoramas.  This gallery features photographs taken at some of my favorite places around Stockholm: Gamla Stan, Djurgarden, Ostermalm, and Sodermalm.

Stockholm2 009BerlinStockholm 220BerlinStockholm 227BerlinStockholm 242BerlinStockholm 268BerlinStockholm 272BerlinStockholm 279BerlinStockholm 282BerlinStockholm 299BerlinStockholm 309BerlinStockholm 311BerlinStockholm 318BerlinStockholm 330BerlinStockholm 357

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