Seattle, Washington

Pacific Northwest

From Alki Beach to the Space Needle to Pike’s Place, Seattle has its fair share of iconic locations.  Sleepless in Seattle, anyone?  A city notorious for rain and cloud cover, summertime can mean sunshine – when wildfires aren’t raging.  Many of the photos in this gallery were taken in August 2017, when unprecedented levels of smoke blanketed the Pacific Northwest, from Portland up to British Columbia.

Arches National Park

United States, West

Due to its enduring popularity, it’s easy to dismiss Arches National Park as over-hyped and over-visited – but doing so would be a mistake.  From spectacular rock formations to snow-capped peaks in the distance to the dramatic red rocks of the high desert, Arches boasts one of the defining landscapes of the United States.  I took all of the photos in this gallery over an unseasonably warm December weekend, when crowds were minimal and the weather absolutely perfect.

California Coast

United States, West

Largely undeveloped and sparsely populated, California’s central coast boasts a rugged coastline with white-capped waves and mountains filled with hiking trails and campgrounds.  The iconic Route 1 connects Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the drive is one of the most scenic the United States has to offer.  This gallery features photographs from a number of my favorite spots along the coast, including Malibu, Cambria, Big Sur, and Carmel.

San Francisco

United States, West

In San Francisco, a vibrant and colorful downtown thrives within walking distance of rocky cliffs and white-capped waves.  This stunning contrast is why San Francisco is easily my favorite American city – and also why it’s one of my favorite metropolises in the world.  The city is doused in color, from the sparkling blue water to the pastel-hued homes to the iconic red of the Golden Gate, and I love photographing all of it.


New England, United States

Whenever I’m in Boston, I forgo public transit and walk aimlessly around the city’s maze of streets and alleys.  Boston’s downtown is notoriously difficult for outsiders to navigate, and I’ve often compared the historic streets to the scribbles of a kindergartner – although, I think this makes visiting Boston interesting.  


New England, United States

Connecticut: the state everyone must pass through when traveling between New York City and Boston.  I, however, spent the first twenty-one years of my life in eastern Connecticut, but didn’t begin to appreciate the scenery until after I had moved away.  Mountains will always be my favorite landscape to photograph, but there’s something to be said for quiet beaches, lazy rivers, and dense forests.  

Mount Rainier National Park

Pacific Northwest, United States

Mount Rainier National Park feels worlds away from downtown Seattle, even though the park is a mere two hours from the city by car.  During the summer, wildflowers proliferate and dowse the park’s iconic meadows in brilliant shades of lavender, yellow, and orange – I visited in August and was fortunate enough to catch the flowers at their peak.  Despite the warm temperatures – eighty-one degrees on the day I visited – Mount Rainier is covered in snow year-round.